The Legal Corner Magazine – Issue 5: Planning, Ownership and the Environment

28 Sep 2023
Seb Wals

This property focused issue for developers and landlords is perhaps one of our fullest issues to date. In this magazine our specialist solicitors discuss securing finance for developers, and the increasing important role that environmental considerations are playing in long term planning.

Moreover, we are grateful to our guest contributors from Gatehouse Chambers, for discussing the pitfalls of Guardianship schemes for owners of empty properties. We are also grateful to Gail’s, with whom, Harold Benjamin has worked with for many years. We discuss their business success with Andrew Trigwell, Group CFO at Bread Holdings and Gail’s Bakery.

Finally, we were lucky enough to have been able to host our Summer Party on the beautiful terrace of Somerset House. Instead of our usual podcast, we hope that you enjoy the video of this event celebrating 70 years of Harold Benjamin, as well as our specially created playlist.

HB – The Legal Corner Magazine #Issue 5