Private Client and Probate Disputes

Our private client team provides advice to individuals and families to ensure that they are able to plan for the future and manage their estates.

However, we understand that there can be times when people have been unable to turn to these thorny questions during their lifetime and can lead to disputes between family members.

We understand that when this happens, this can complicate an already difficult time, which may also need family and friends to attend to probate and estate administration matters. In the event of a conflict, we can help with contested wills and disputed probates where issues have arisen over distribution of assets and validity of wills.

Disputes also can arise when concerns are raised by excluded beneficiaries, or where personal representatives and trustees have been accused of improper management of an estate.

Our team is particularly able to help with complex family arrangements, and where there have been errors in the drafting and preparation of a will. In these circumstances, we work with you to help protect any legacy wealth and to ensure that steps are taken to aid in doing this.  This may involve making applications to vary the terms of a will, removing trustees or other non-contentious interventions.



Our experience lawyers can assist across the following matters:

  • Contesting a will.
  • Advising under Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependents) Act where there is a dispute by excluded beneficiaries.
  • Applications to the Court of Protection regarding the appointment of an attorney r challenging an executor
  • Dealing with issues arising from valuations of an estate, liaising with HMRC or applying for tax relief.
  • Dealing with creditor claims.
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For further information please contact the team on 020 8422 5678.

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