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Access to finance is a crucial aspect of any venture. The banking, finance and security aspects of any transaction can often prevent or support the success of a project. With our broad experience in large building projects, ability to advise on securities and more, we are also able to act on all banking matters.

We understand the needs of banks and their customers, plus the complex and highly regulated environment they operate in. We will guide you through without losing sight of your commercial objectives. We will guide you through without losing sight of your business objectives.

Whether our client is a business that requires an external source of finance or funding from a financial institution, or it is a bank seeking advice in relation to the facilities they grant, our experts have the knowledge and experience they need.

On the client side, our work ranges from advising UK companies on the financing of individual acquisitions of other businesses or property, through to advising corporate clients on the refinancing of their international investment portfolios, including security for loans and company director guarantees.

On the financial institution front, we have been appointed as panel advisors to several banks, including state bank institutions. Together with our secured lending team we are unique in our ability to advise on funding and finance for complex projects.

We are able to assist on the following:

  • Advising on facilities and security arrangements
  • Structuring and implementing legal structures
  • Advising on re-structuring
  • Advising lenders on loan on loan facilities

We also work closely with our Real Estate team on the financing of real estate transactions in relation to development or investment facilities.

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If you would like to speak to us about our Banking & Finance sector services, please contact us on 020 8842 5678.

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The Team

John O’Donovan Partner and Head of Banking and Finance Banking and Finance, International T: 020 3096 0823

Ozan Zorba Associate Solicitor Banking and Finance T: 020 3096 0834

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