Business Law

Businesses come in all shapes and sizes and are the life-blood of the economy.

When it comes to meeting the needs of today’s businesses, our strong heritage and unrivalled depth of expertise is why our clients choose to work with Harold Benjamin and why they stay with us. We’re passionate about creating and maintaining lasting relationships with our clients.

We are able to assist businesses at all stages – from concept by advising you on the best corporate structure, helping protect your intellectual property; through to drafting and negotiating contracts; advising on finance – through to mergers and sales.

We understand the businesses are not static but are dynamic. Reflecting the reality of economic condition, the people involved, the relationships and more are important issues we can help with. We have dedicated partners who will fully understand your business and who oversee multi-disciplined teams in many specialist areas.

The mode of operation of businesses can be both online and physical, and at Harold Benjamin we are able to assist both – advising on consumer rights in the real world and with digital commerce.

As such, our approach focuses entirely on our clients’ business goals and needs; not just learning about their organisations but on precisely what they need from their legal advisers to help their business succeed. Our dedicated client partners oversee talented multi-disciplined teams in every area that a modern business needs.

Our advice covers corporate and commercial, commercial property, banking and finance, business disputes, employment, intellectual property and mergers and acquisitions. Whatever support clients need, they receive the same standards of advice delivered in a client-centric and collaborative fashion.

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If you would like to speak to us about any of our business services please contact us on 020 8422 5678.

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The Team

John O’Donovan Partner and Head of Banking and Finance Banking and Finance T: 020 3096 0823

Ozan Zorba Associate Solicitor Banking and Finance T: 020 3096 0834

James Oxley Partner and Head of Corporate and Commercial Corporate & Commercial, International T: 020 3096 0825

Elena Perri Associate Solicitor Corporate & Commercial T: ‭020 3096 0832

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